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Great law firm and Greg was a pleasure to work with.

Dec 29, 2016 -

Greg was very helpful and did all the hard work for me. I applied for Chapter 7 and got all my debts discharged as we were hoping for. I highly recommend this law firm.

chapter 13

Dec 16, 2016 -

I love this place i will highly recommended to my freind and family very professionals excelent prices. Thank You Mr. Shanfeld You are the best

The best of the best!

Aug 26, 2016 -

Greg is the best of the best! Greg and his team is the best support system when both my husband and I were going thru hardships! Please call Greg for your bankruptcy needs! He is an expert and the best!

This is a great corporation!

May 31, 2016 -

I am very glad I contacted this company for help with my creditors. They were very helpful and friendly. I felt like they really cared. I would recommend this to anyone needing help.

Beyond lucky, that I found this company.

Apr 5, 2016 -

I've had some major financial issues. From bankruptcy, to dealing with a physical work disability, and the loss of my mother, and the inherency of her estate..I was completely lost, until I found this company. They made me feel so much better during this dire time, and that in itself is priceless. Literally, I can sleep again at night..A giant thanks for what they have done for me. Highly recommend.

Glad I found them!

Jan 17, 2016 -

Before I filed for bankruptcy, I spoke with 3 different attorneys with different views about my case. Then while yelping, I found this company and Greg was amazing! The attorneys I spoke with told me I couldn't file for chapter 7 cause of my income, and they charge half of the price. Then another lawyer said I could do chapter 7 but he charges a few hundreds more than Greg's. I decided I'd go with Greg since he seemed more knowledgeable about BK's and he Answered all the questions or worries I had and within 3 months, I was discharged! Thank you so much for everything. I can now start fresh and live my life. I definitely recommend them!!

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