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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 can be a viable option to help you get back up and running after experiencing tough financial debt.


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is known as reorganization. It's similar to a court-ordered consolidation, where you're basically forcing creditors into a repayment plan.

The common reasons for Chapter 13 are someone is going through foreclosure and they want to stop their mortgage lender from foreclosing, and basically repay that debt over time.

If their income is too high to file a Chapter 7, well they can still pay back a portion of their debt in Chapter 13, which is still a much better alternative than continuing to make the minimum payments.

Or if they have obligations that are non-dischargeable, like back taxes, back child support, student loans, things that won't go away, we can do a reorganization and force them into a repayment plan through a Chapter 13.

The typical Chapter 13 is 3-5 years, and once that case is discharged or concluded, you really kind of hit the ground running with a fresh start. Some lenders out there will even consider your Chapter 13 plan payments as essentially like a trade line where you're rebuilding credit.