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Meet Lawyer Greg Shanfeld

Greg Shanfeld has dedicated over 20 years to helping clients find relief from debt. Learn more about his passion for helping clients.


Greg Shanfeld: I've been practicing law for over 20 years now. My focus has always been in bankruptcy and debt-related issues, so when you hire me you get my experience.

I've helped clients probably in about every profession by now. And when you get me, you're gonna get me from start to finish.

So if you have questions throughout the process, you're going to find that I'm very accessible, I'm very responsive, and you'll benefit from my experience in dealing with this process.

Raj Wadhwani: Greg's an amazing guy. He really cares about his clients and again, if I'm out of town or what have you, he really cares about my clients as if they're his clients.

And there's no better partner that I can think of than Greg.