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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers / Ontario Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Ontario Creditor Harassment Lawyers

Sometimes we struggle financially, making it hard to pay debts. However, these debts will not go away on their own, no matter how much we try to ignore them. Creditors want their money. They may call, email, or text you at all hours of the day demanding payment. They may even threaten you with violence.

These actions are illegal. If a debt collector is threatening you, you need to understand your legal rights and stop this harassment for good. The Ontario creditor harassment lawyers from Wadhwani & Shanfeld can help you deal with creditors.

Debt Collector Guidelines

Debt collectors cannot simply do what they want to get a hold of your money. They have to follow certain guidelines under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which prohibits abusive or deceptive debt collection practices.

Debt collectors cannot harass you. They cannot verbally abuse you or threaten you, your family, or your property. They also cannot swear or lie to you.

A debt collector can contact you, your spouse, your attorney, and your parents if you are under 18 years old or live with them. They cannot contact your neighbors, friends, or other people except in extreme circumstances.

Debt collectors cannot call you at unusual or inconvenient times or places. Generally, they may call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. You can set other limitations, such as asking the debt collector to contact you via mail only. However, these limitations will not stop the debt from possibly going to court.

If you believe a debt collector is violating the law, you can report your complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. However, for legal assistance, contact a lawyer.

Dealing with Creditors

Your debt needs to be handled at some point; it will not magically go away. A lawyer can help you understand your options for dealing with creditors. Filing for bankruptcy is one of the common ways for handling a debt. Bankruptcy wipes away debts from credit cards, loans, and medical bills.

However, creditors would rather keep you as a paying customer, so they might offer you an alternative. You can deal with creditors on your own to reduce the total balance or change the interest or payment terms. If you cannot dispute the charges, consider a repayment plan. Some creditors will allow you to make smaller, more affordable payments. A settlement may also work. This allows you to settle the balance for less than what is owed.

Contact Wadhwani & Shanfeld Today

Creditor harassment is a serious issue that has caused consumers to experience job loss, relationship problems, invasion of privacy, and bankruptcy. Seek legal help if you have been a victim.

The Ontario creditor harassment lawyers at Wadhwani & Shanfeld can help you handle your debts so you can get these creditors off your back for good. Schedule a consultation with our office today by calling (800) 996-9932.

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