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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers / Rancho Cucamonga Debt Relief Lawyer

Rancho Cucamonga Debt Relief Lawyer

Debt causes enormous stress. Many couples head to divorce court because of disagreements around debt, and anyone could fall sick with worry about whether they will lose their home or car. Rising inflation and flat wages mean that very few people are ever getting ahead. In fact, millions more fall behind each year. There has to be a way to take control and regain peace of mind.

There is. Wadhwani & Shanfeld opened its doors to help debtors facing tough financial choices. We are familiar with the most common debt solutions, and we can advise our clients about which choice is best for them. With the right Rancho Cucamonga debt relief lawyer, you can reduce and even outright eliminate large personal debts. Contact us to find out more.

Customizable Debt Solutions for You

Debt relief options should be tailored to the needs and expectations of debtors. At our firm, we realize that a debt solution that worked for your cousin or best friend might not be aligned with your goals. We believe in finding out as much as we can about your financial circumstances, such as the type of debt you have, its age, and your income. Armed with this information, we can present your options in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

Some methods for managing debt include:

  • Some creditors will temporarily suspend payments to help debtors catch their breath. Often, this is the first step people take to see if they can finally get on top of their financial obligations.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: This is the fastest bankruptcy option, often completed in 5-6 months. You can eliminate many unsecured debts, like personal loans, credit cards, medical debt, and some IRS taxes or court judgments.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This bankruptcy option takes 3-5 years, but it might be the right choice for you, depending on your income and the assets you own.
  • Debt settlement. We can negotiate with a creditor for a settlement which allows you to pay less than what you owe. The remaining balance is forgiven. Many creditors agree to debt settlement because they fear you’ll file for bankruptcy, which would probably leave them with much less.
  • Loan modification. We can work with a mortgage lender to change a mortgage. For example, we might extend the term or ask for a lower interest rate. It is possible to stay in your home if you are proactive.

These are the most popular options which have worked for our clients. Let us analyze whether these or some other solution is ideal for your case.

Contact Wadhwani & Shanfeld Today

Instead of picking a debt solution at random, call our law firm. You can meet with a Rancho Cucamonga debt relief lawyer to discuss your finances and goals. Based on what we hear, we’ll advise you on the best option for finally climbing out of your financial hole and sleeping soundly again. We offer private, no-obligation consultations to members of the public who pick up the phone and call us.

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