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Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers / Sherman Oaks Lawsuits & Judgements Lawyer

Sherman Oaks Lawsuits & Judgements Lawyers

If you are being sued by a creditor, you need to understand that you have rights. One of those rights is to defend yourself by teaming up with a debt attorney. Being sued is a stressful, taxing endeavor that no one should take on alone. Having an attorney on your side will vastly improve your outcome, your financial well being, and your future. Whether you are being sued by a creditor as an individual or as a business owner, the Sherman Oaks lawsuits & judgements lawyers at Wadhwani & Shanfeld are available to provide their experience and support at this crucial juncture in your life.

What is a Creditor Lawsuit Vs. a Judgment?

A debt lawsuit is a legal tool—specifically a claim brought to a court of law—used by creditors to collect unpaid debt. If you do not respond to the lawsuit or do not respond in a timely manner, the judge may not only issue a judgment or decision in the creditor’s favor, but they may also penalize you with additional fees to compensate the creditors’ collection costs, interest, and even the creditor’s attorney fees.

If you have already been sued by a creditor, the judgment is the official result of the court lawsuit. The worst case scenario in a typical creditor lawsuit is a judgment that allows the creditor to garnish the debtor’s wages, issue a levy on the debtor’s bank account, place a lien on their real property, or seize their financial assets.

How an Attorney Will Defend You in a Creditor Lawsuit

If you are being sued or otherwise threatened with a lawsuit by a creditor, from the moment you begin working with an attorney, they will handle all communications with the other party, will negotiate with the creditor or debt collection firm, and attempt to reach a settlement in your favor, out of court. If they cannot reach a settlement and a lawsuit has not yet been filed, the creditor will do so at this time. The debtor and their attorney have a limited amount of time to respond before a default judgment against the debtor is filed with the court. It is vital to respond to the lawsuit promptly so the court does not automatically take the side of the creditor. Assuming the debtor is being represented by a competent attorney, their attorney will file a response, file motions, respond to motions, file motions for discovery, file motions to quash the summons, file to dismiss the motion, and will bring any other relevant defense.

Call a Sherman Oaks Lawsuits and Judgment Lawyer Today

If you are facing a creditor lawsuit, the time to act is now. You have a limited number of days to respond to a debt lawsuit before a default judgment against you is filed, which can allow the creditor to begin garnishing your wages. If a judgment has already been filed with the court, there is still hope for you if you contact an attorney at once. Call the Sherman Oaks lawsuit and judgment lawyers as Wadhwani & Shanfeld today at 899-996-9932 to schedule a free consultation.

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