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Monthly Archives: November 2023


Bankruptcy is Not the End of Your Financial Life, but a New Beginning

By Wadhwani & Shanfeld |

Bankruptcy is a word that’s often linked with financial ruin and devastation. However, that perception is far from accurate. Rather than being the end of your financial life, filing for bankruptcy could be the turning point you need to regain your footing. Think of it as a financial “reset button” that can offer a… Read More »

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How Soon Can You File for Bankruptcy After Moving to a New State?

By Wadhwani & Shanfeld |

Moving to a new state involves many adjustments, from new local laws to finding a place to live. But what if you’re also considering filing for bankruptcy? It turns out that timing and jurisdiction are critical factors that could influence your case. Consulting with a Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer can help determine when to… Read More »

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