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Category Archives: California Law


Can You Inherit Debt?

By Wadhwani & Shanfeld |

For many family members, the stress of dealing with debt left behind can sometimes eclipse their grief for the loss of their loved one. Typically, the deceased person’s estate assets satisfy the claims of any creditors before they are distributed to beneficiaries, sometimes leaving survivors nothing to inherit. Even if the deceased’s assets do… Read More »

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New Amnesty Program Offers Financially Challenged Californians a Way Out of Traffic Debt

By Wadhwani & Shanfeld |

A new program aimed at helping Californians with limited means free themselves of driving debt will take effect this week as part of Governor Jerry Brown’s annual budget. Brown has long criticized the current traffic court system, calling it a “hellhole of desperation” for people who are caught in it. The inability to pay… Read More »

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