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Category Archives: Debt Settlement


Student Loan Forgiveness to Help Eligible Borrowers by 2017

By Wadhwani & Shanfeld |

Student loans, held by as many as 43 million Americans, have the highest rate of default and delinquency rates of all consumer debts. This liability is worth a staggering $1.3 trillion, with the average student loan debt totaling approximately $33,000 per borrower. With borrowers facing growing demands in a tough labor market, many people… Read More »

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Student Loan Debt Crisis Cripples Countless Americans

By Wadhwani & Shanfeld |

Millions of Americans are struggling under mountains of student loan debt, often holding them back from their future prospects. Crippling debt is putting people‚Äôs lives on hold, and is having serious effects on the economy. With the continually rising costs of higher education across the nation, many students not only struggle to make ends… Read More »

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