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Is Bankruptcy the Only Debt Relief Option?

For some, bankruptcy is a perfect option to relieve them of serious debt, but for others, bankruptcy is not a good fit. Unfortunately, for those who do not qualify for bankruptcy, unwanted debt can seem unending. Thankfully, debt settlement is another great option, which many individuals use to regain control of their finances. We can also explore whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 would be a right for for you.

At Wadhwani & Shanfeld, our Lancaster debt settlement attorneys have helped many clients regain control of their lives. We understand that each case is different, and that is why we take an individualized approach for each situation. No matter what your circumstances may be, our team can help you achieve a financially stress-free life.

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How to Know if Debt Settlement is Right for You

Debt settlement is just as it sounds. In this process, you or your legal counsel, should you chose to hire an attorney, speak with individual creditors to reach a settlement that is less than the amount you originally owed. Over the years, we have found our team is greatly successful in reaching settlements that are far lower than those before. The chances of debt collectors helping us achieve settlement is also much greater because it prevents the debtor from filing for bankruptcy instead.

Individuals facing the following circumstances choose debt settlement over filing for bankruptcy:

  • Their income is considered too high to file for bankruptcy
  • They have moral or religion beliefs which oppose the concept of bankruptcy
  • They possess a lot of assets
  • They are unable to file bankruptcy due to a previous filing

How an Attorney Can Help

Remaining one step ahead is key to obtaining the best results through debt settlement. For this reason, it is important to reach out for legal help if you have weighed your options and have determined that bankruptcy is not right for you. Our team can examine the details of your circumstances and begin forming a debt settlement strategy for you. We understand that each person’s end goal and current situation are different, so we are committed to taking an individualized approach every time.

Our Team is Backed by More than Four Decades of Experience

If you have found yourself in an unbearable financial situation and would like guidance to regain control, call our Lancaster debt settlement attorneys right away. We promise to listen to your needs and desired outcomes before we start crafting a case for you. When you entrust our team, you can rest easier knowing we are backed by more than 65 years of experience and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to obtain a positive outcome for you.

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