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The debt owed by college and university students has reached more than $1 trillion in recent years. Many students who have graduated or received degrees now spend the majority of each paycheck paying off just the interest on their student debt. This is assuming that they can even find gainful employment in their chosen field.

If you are feeling the weight of your own student loan debt, you should know two things:

  • You are not alone in this struggle;
  • There are options you can use to help mitigate your debt.

Our Lancaster debt settlement lawyers from Wadhwani & Shanfeld have more than 65 collective years of legal experience and have assisted more than 20,000 clients with difficult financial problems, including student loan debt and bankruptcy. While you cannot discharge your student loan debt, we are confident that we will be able to use our legal prowess and know-how to find an alternate solution that helps.

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Forbearance & Forgiveness in Student Debt Cases

As mentioned, student loan debt is not dischargeable under federal bankruptcy guidelines. Filing for bankruptcy will not make an immediate impact on your student loan debt, and it is likely the bankruptcy will conclude without actually helping this particular financial issue at all. Instead, other methods will need to be considered.

You may be able to help control your student loan debt with:

  • Forbearance: A court can approve forbearance in your student loan debt case, which temporarily bars creditor rights to enforce the payment of your debt. Forbearance typically does not last longer than one year, though, and interest on your student loan debt will still accrue. This method can be used to buy you some time to get your finances in order but it should not be seen as a permanent solution.
  • Forgiveness: Some people with overwhelming student loan debts may be able to qualify for student debt forgiveness under a federal program. Forgiveness involves excusing a portion of the debt – often about 20% – after the other portion has been paid in full. It can be quite difficult to qualify for forgiveness, or to even know if you qualify. We highly recommend you work with a student debt forgiveness attorney from our Lancaster law firm if you are considering this option.

We Create Custom Debt Relief Solutions

Every client who comes to Wadhwani & Shanfeld is seen as a person in need of help during a financial crisis, not a case number. We pride ourselves in being able to personally tailor debt relief solutions for each of our clients based on their amount of debt, the creditors or institutions who are owed money, and their current income and living situation. Using this unique approach to casework, we believe we maximize your chances of finding a way to minimize your debt obligations.

Talk to our Lancaster debt relief lawyers today by dialing 800-996-9932 and getting a free case evaluation.

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