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How Do I Qualify for Filing Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy law establishes criteria consumers must meet to file bankruptcy, and these rules differ from case to case. Learn more about qualifying for bankruptcy.


To qualify for a Chapter 7, you have to go through what's called a Means Test, and that will evaluate your income and compare it to the median income.

And it's a pretty extensive test that involves both dealing with income expenses and comparing that to similar household sizes.

And then for Chapter 13, that same test or a very similar test will play a part in dictating what, if anything, has to be paid back to unsecured creditors.

There are a few different factors in determining whether somebody qualifies for bankruptcy. One has to do with income, one has to do with assets.

And it's not as simple as, does your income fit a certain criteria, or are your assets with a certain parameter. Because there are different sets of rules in California, different sets of exemptions.

So, again, the best thing to do is contact us to find out what is the right for.