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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Southern California

Life After Bankruptcy

Attorneys at Wadhwani & Shanfeld assist clients with rebuilding their lives after bankruptcy, including helping them understand how to restore their credit.


Raj: When a case is discharged, both myself and Greg call our clients and congratulate them, and always welcome them to call us if they have any other legal issues. And then, we also send them a packet on what they need to do to build their credit scores.

And we're not a credit repair company, but we try to do what we can to help our clients get them back on track as far as finances, credit scores, and what have you.

Greg: After the bankruptcy is over, there are steps that our clients can take to rebuild their credit and expedite the process, and we're always available to help them through that.

And we've always found that a great majority of our clients are able to rebuild their credit within a 2-year period.

And very often our clients will get credit card offers within days if not month.

So it's very easy to rebuild, and certainly millions of people have gone through this process.